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"Announcing My Brand New Highest Level Personal Mentorship"

"Announcing My Brand New Highest Level Personal Mentorship"

Warning: Less than 1% ever master their emotional communication. Are you in that 1%, or in the 99+% who are failing?

Read this letter - I will show you a better way!

From: Duke DeLaet, Dating Coach

To: You IF you are tired of watching others date the best people while you make little or NO progress in your love life.

Are you frustrated because you aren't having the success you have dreamed about in dating?

Is one of the things that is holding you back in dating the fact that you know some of the parts of what to do, but for some reason when you try to do things, they don't all fit together, or work the way they are supposed to?

Are you frustrated because you have been working really hard to find people online, and swiping long hours, but don't have much to show for it?

Are you frustrated because every time you watch a youtube video or buy another training that promises some new "secret" that it is really just some teaching with a new angle to it - but nothing really new?

Have you tried system and system, program after program, and they all end up the same way - without getting you the results you know you deserve?

Are you tired of watching dating youtube videos, learning one new technique, only to find that you need "just one more" to have success?

Does it anger you that there are marketers online selling "Get the dating life of your dreams" programs that just flat-out don't work?

Are you frustrated with trying tactic after tactic and technique after technique only to not date the kinds of partners you've been dreaming about?


Are you living the romantic life you desire?

If not, let me ask you this: why not?

You are online, searching.

You have likely bought products or trainings that have not gotten you the results that you want. Was it something like this: a fancy, hyped up sales letter promised you that in just a few days, you would know all the secrets you needed to date all the successful hotties you ever wanted? Yeah, I know the page.

And it's not your fault. I've been in the dating coaching industry for 15 years. I've bought trash like that... So have many thousands or millions of others. In fact, did you know there are people online who make a living just selling products to people who will never get results?

That's right. And many times those products are empty - not literally, but in their meaning. Because you can study 10 hours of training, watch videos, read tutorials - but you know how it is, you get to something you don't "get" and you get stuck. You literally CANNOT implement what is taught unless you ask a question. But you hit reply to the email you got from the seller and no one responds. Or they tell you to submit a support ticket to some firm in India. (Nothing against India, but hey, can someone making $2 an hour in India really tell YOU how to get a successful dating life here???)

Here's the thing, there are some specific steps that must occur in order to date the people you want. And if all of those elements aren't in place, you probably aren't going to make any progress. Period.

You see, building an exciting dating life is much like building any other social structure in your life. For example, if you were to start a barhopping meetup group in your area, what would you need?

You would need:

A list of interesting locations (preferably where you could meet on a regular basis that didn't break the bank)

A good leader who could facilitate activities.

A website or facebook group, and IG broadcast group, or telegram, or similar.

A few people who were interested to get the group started.

A method of telling people you are meeting (advertising, group notifications, etc.)

A moderator to keep lame people out of your group.

If any one of those elements are missing, you aren't going to be growing your group with new people.

If your activities are no fun, no one's coming back.

If you don't have an online place to tell people where to meet, no one will show up.

If you don't have a location or a place to do notifications, no one is coming in to experience the night.

And it's the same in dating.

You need:

Places to go.

People to talk to.

Something to get them excited about.

An experience that will make them want to come back or move the interaction further.

A way to contact them and send notifications for future events.

If any of these is missing, you aren't going to be dating anybody.

If you are trying to get people excited about something no one wants, you aren't going to get dates. And unfortunately, I see too many people come into dating with a personality that is cool - but no one wants to know more. And they spend their time trying and trying to get people hooked, but still thier conversation never lasts long enough to show their true value. Why not just find something about you that others really want to experience????

If you don't have a way to let people know who you are, if you don't have a way to get them to invest emotionally, if you don't have all those pieces in place, you just aren't going to be making any headway in your dating life.

So what about you?

What piece is missing for you?

Are you not approaching new people (outside of dating apps)?

Are you running out of things to say and not connecting people with the real value you provide in a relationship?

Or maybe you have something everyone wants, but you are doing a really lousy job of telling them about it. Maybe you have a lousy opening in conversation. Maybe when someone pays attention to you, your self-promotion is really lousy. Maybe your verbal game turns people off instead of piquing their interest.

So what is it?

What is holding you back from the dating success that you want?

The truth of the matter is this: you can blame the bad products you bought.

You can blame the bad training you have received.

But the fact remains - if that training didn't teach you each of the components I just shared with you, then of course it didn't work.

It doesn't matter what the sales page said, or how strong the guarantee was.

What most people need to be able to figure it all out is someone they can ask questions of.

Someone they can get on the phone with and ask questions.

Someone who is there when you get stuck.

Imagine if you could get on the phone once a week with a coach and ask questions about whatever you are working on this week.

Maybe you are learning to approach new people in bars, but you are stuck trying to figure out what to say.

Or maybe you know a cool lunch spot, and you've found a bunch of people to talk to, but you can't figure out how to come off as cool and attractive.

Look, pickup lines and "questions that make him fall in love with you" are practically useless in getting over awkwardness. There are things that make you seem valueable and things that don't. And no matter how many lines you memorize, if it doesn't make you look like a viable partner, it doesn't work. What if you could talk with someone personally about your idea before you wasted time trying it over and over again?

Imagine if you don't know how to qualify a potential partner and you could get live help to do it.

How about how to approach comfortably in bars and nightclubs?

Or how to ask for an instant date when you meet someone in a cafe or bookstore?

How would it feel to be able to get on the phone with a real live coach, someone who makes a full-time income online, someone who is in the trenches doing the work, just like you want to?

Would that make a difference?

If so, you are going to love what I propose next.

Because that is exactly what I am - a personal full-time dating coach. I'm not one of those guys who says he hooks up with dozens of hotties sitting on dating apps doing nothing. I don't. They don't either.

So let's face it - your best way of learning isn't learn from some guy who swipes on bumble, hinge, and tinder, playing the numbers game (unless that's what you want to be).

Your best way of learning is to learn from someone who does what you want to do... meeting new potential partners, anywhere, any time, and having the confidence to be able to get over your mental roadblocks and have real choice. 

I do.

Here's what I do:

I have a time-tested proven system for getting people from starting out to dating whoever they want by meeting them in real life.

I have a scheduled bunch of activities and interesting things I do around my city that I invite them to.

I have a method of conversation that establishes an intentional dating vibe so nobody's confused.

I have a weekly habit of constantly inviting people to come hang out and vibe with me.

And I create powerful experiences that create a badass social circle that allows me to meet NEW people with ease.

That's what I do.

It is my system.

It works.

I don't use dating apps in the U.S. I meet who I want to meet in person.

And I can teach you to do the same.

In your city. In your metropolitan areas. From a coffeeshop. While traveling.

That's what I do.

My entire business is teaching people live and in-field, and online through video chat.

Is this what you want?

If so, I can teach you.

Now, one of the things I teach my clients is to have a simple system.

Meaning: consistent new potential partners, a consistent opening conversation, a powerful way to evaluate and qualify them, a way to ask for dates, a date that establishes my real intentions, and how to lead them to choose to move futher down the line with me.

That's all.

If you want something more complicated, go somewhere else.

Sorry, that sounds harsh. It's not. Just the truth.

So my system is simple.

I don't upsell, downsell, cross-sell, beg, plead, cajole, sell your name, lie, cheat, disappear, pawn you off to a $2 worker in India, or do anything else like you've seen other people do.

I will simply teach you my system.

And I make myself available for an hour a week so you can ask all the questions you need to build your dating life.

If this sounds good to you, I am going to make you an offer you can't refuse. Ok, well, you can refuse it. But it will be an offer that will change your life if you take me up on it.

Look, if you are looking for "Open Tinder and your soulmate falls out of the sky", this isn't it.

I'm not for you.

Because making a real dating life isn't 3 swipes and making a connection.

Nope. It takes time. The first month you figure out who you are and exactly what you want, maybe start figuring out how to convey it to other people in an attractive way.

The second month you start meeting real people in real life.

The third month you start really feeling the vibe and choosing partners that may work for your overall goals.

Unless you really dedicate an immersive experience (like 7 day immersion coaching workshops, or 30 day challenges in a highly populated city), It's not realistic for it to happen any faster than that, no matter what anyone else has told you.

But let me ask you this, if in the next 3-6 months, you could radically change your life and get on the path to success by finding new people to date and figuring out if they were compatible with you, would it be worth it?

Would that make a difference in your life?

What would be different?

How would it change the way you live?

The way you travel?

The way you relate to others?

If it would make a difference, let's get started today, shall we?


Perhaps when you got started during COVID online a year or two ago, you were thinking that by now you would already have a stream of fantastic partners coming in, that you would be well on your way to a long term relationship, that you would have started making plans with your new partner.

You were excited about all the wonderful things that were going to happen to you - and you were thinking that by now, you would have all that, right?


So what happened?

Perhaps you started by watching youtube videos, paying dating app premiums, taking personality tests, and each one taught you something - but never everything.

Perhaps you even got addicted to trying new tactics - in fact, substituting buying new trainings or books for doing real work.

It's easier to buy another training than to shut out the rest of world, and just focus on what you know how to do.

Or maybe when you go out to meet new people, you know so much about what to do that you get overwhelmed with what is the exact next step for today.


You see, you might have a list of 100 things or 1000 things that you need to do to be successful.

You got that list by accumulating all the different things you have learned from many different people.

And maybe you have thought that if you just did all of them, then you would have success.

But in reality, it's impossible to do everything.

Successful people don't.

In fact, although successful people tend to work smarter, and with more perseverance than unsuccessful people, they don't always do more things.

Successful people tend to be highly focused, and work on a few very specific things that get results for them.

That's why I am very focused about my game, getting new people from just 2 tight sources.

That's why I am very focused on what I sell - I only sell what I know will give my clients results. Period. I get requests all the time to promote this, or that, but I don't want to promote anything that doesn't get results. And that's one big reason why I've created so much of my own training - because I've been so utterly disappointed with most of the training out there.

Or maybe you are frustrated because, although you know how to do these things, when you go to do them, you get stuck.

The truth of the matter is this: you need a coach.

You need someone who can look at what you are doing and give you laser-targeted direction for the exact next thing you need to do.

Then you go do it.

Then you come back, and he gives you the next step, the next exact laser-targeted step to take.

How would that feel, to have someone take you by the hand, and show you step by step - as you need it, not all in one big brain dump, exactly what to do next, each and every step of the way?

Would it feel good, like, yeah, I can really do this?

That's what working with me is like!

Here's the thing - you've been struggling because you've been trying to do it on your own. Sure, you might be buying training here, watching a youtube video there, maybe you are addicted to dating books and you buy a new one each day. But that's not real advice. That's just one more 5 hours worth of things to do. But if they don't all fit together, you have nothing.

And you don't want to continue down that path, do you?

In fact, I think that's why you are reading this - because you want to change your life once and for all, right?

You want to finally make things happen so that you have the success you deserve.


Here's the thing - I don't know what you want for success.

It might be 10 dates a month, or it might be one every day.

And you can do either.

So let me ask you this, what kind of dating life do you need so that you will be able to handle your future for good?

I mean, really, what would that really mean for you?

Would it mean that you could have a partner that supports your life purpose completely?

Would it mean that you could delete all of your apps and have the confidence to meet anybody, anywhere?

Or would it mean that you could test the variety of people all around you so you could finally find someone who clicked with you?

Let me ask you this, What would having this handled free you up to do?

Do you want to travel with someone who appreciates exploring new places?

How would it feel to feel safe and secure in your relationship, without it being a chore, trying to change their mind all the time?

What about knowing your value, and never having to settle for less, just because you don't seem to have any other options?

How would that feel?

Would it feel good, like, I'm glad I was able to finally do this?

Here's the thing - as you know, what you have been doing isn't working. It's not working because you aren't dating the people you want to.

Do you know how many people I talk with who tell me that they are "intermediate" or "advanced" social butterflies but they just aren't dating anybody?

Perhaps you feel that way.

Like you know all the steps, like you could tell someone else what to do and how to do it.


But when it comes to you - and you go to get started today on building your dating life - you go blank. You don't know what to do next.

Does that sound familiar?

Here's the thing: The dating scene has changed a lot lately. There is an overload of information online. Some people call it information overload.

And it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem online these days, because as there is more and more information available free for the taking, it just creates more confusion.

You have too much information.

It would be like learning how to swim, do karate, or snowboard, and instead of having one person tell you what to do, there are 50 coaches standing on the sidelines, simultaneously screaming out what to do next. You would get utterly confused and overwhelmed, right? I know I would!

Read this carefully:

You probably already KNOW more than enough to build a satisfying dating life; the problem is, you don't know which part of what you know is relevant to you.

And until you have someone personally show you which part you need for YOU - then you will likely continue to fail to reach your goals.

The truth of the matter is this: lack of information isn't why you aren't making more people right now.

You probably have hundreds of hours of training in your playlists and bookmarks right now.

You probably own multiple books and video courses on social skills, if you wanted to right now you could find 100 hours of training online for easily $100.

And the truth of the matter is, when you listen to all this training, from me or anyone else, you probably think, yeah, this is great information, this could work for me.

But it doesn't.

Either because you don't do it right.

Or because you don't do it at all, because tomorrow you buy another training program to do something else.


So if information isn't the answer, what is?

Why aren't most people dating great people, when there is more information than ever before ready for the taking?

Here's the thing, some people are.

Some of my clients are.

Some of my peers are.

I know people who date fantastic people. And when those relationships end because they found they were incompatible, they go out and do it again.

What's different with these people?

Why aren't most people making it, including you?

One reason is that they just don't know what to do.

These people know what the next step is, every single day when they wake up in the morning . . . and they do it!

Let's face it, even with hundreds of hours of training in your bookmarks - you STILL don't know what your very next step is.

(Each day you should know the EXACT next step you need to take to grow your dating life.)

Another confusion is that what many people are teaching in the programs you buy is NOT what they themselves are doing to make a successful dating life.

 Read this:

People are selling push-button, 3 swipes and you're connected training for $100 that claim to teach you some simple system where you just have to push 3 buttons and the dates come rolling in.

But they aren't doing the 3 swipe system themselves. No, they make their money when you buy their $100 system. And to get people to buy, they craft a simple system that looks real easy to do, just so you'll buy the system.

But they aren't getting dates with the system, they are just making money from selling a $100 program teaching you to do a system they have never done themselves.

Feeling sick yet?

You should be.

It's just plain wrong.

It's plain old stealing.

So what about the other end of the spectrum?

Maybe you've bought a $5k or $10,000 program and been sorely disappointed. It wasn't outright fraud like the $100 example above - but there was so much complexity and work involved that you just didn't follow through. And when you asked for help, no one wanted to help. Because they already had your money.

Look, if that's happened to you, you are probably feeling angry right now. You see, that's wrong too.

So what's the answer?

Frankly, it's so simple, yet for most people frighteningly difficult to do.

You see, to make a decent dating life, make a real, connected, no bullshit relationship, you need a very special mix of ingredients.

You need confidence.

You need somewhere to meet new people.

You need to be able to communicate.

And you need a coaching program.

And you need them all in a very special mix.

Too much of one and not enough of the other, and you'll fail.

Too much of another, and not enough of the other, and you'll fail.

The mix is critical.

How would it feel to have the mix?

How would it feel to be able to date whoever you wanted at will?

What would you do with the extra time?

How would your life change?

Here's the thing - I have the mix.

I know what works.

I know what doesn't.

The fads don't.

Studying the latest 3 secrets formula doesn't.

Buying more books and video courses doesn't.

I know what to say with confidence to make them want to keep listening.

I know what to ask to get them to invest in the conversation, instead of waiting for you to impress them.

I know how to structure my life so I can date people who like me for me.

I don't say all this to brag, but it's the truth.

And although I have boiled it down to a formula where you can buy the trainings and just listen to me teach it to you, I have found that my clients that get the most results talk with me personally each week.

That's right.

No matter how much training someone buys from me, their big breakthrough is their first coaching session with me.


That's where the real work gets done.

It's where the real breakthroughs happen.

And that's why I have created this brand new coaching program, so that you can I can work personally together to get you those breakthroughs.

And when you work personally with me, I push you to get to the next level, whatever that is for you. So if you are at 0 dates, the goal might be 10 a month. Or if you are already at 10 a month, the goal might be to get you to qualify them to get higher quality interactions.

But the key here is that this is not cookie - cutter. You aren't going to get one of those cookie cutter, everyone does the same thing - promise you to make 3 dates a week nonsense "systems" that don't work. Look I can't promise anyone any level of success. You will only date as much as you put yourself out there, period. And if you have lousy communication skills, probably no one's biting. And if your qualification system and emotional strength are lousy, you probably hate the people who are interested.

If you don't want to change your life this year, this coaching is not for you.

Because I'm going to push you.

 I am going to push you to be the very best.

To get to the success you deserve.

Because I believe that will change your life.

Sure, at first it may only get rid of fear.

But once it frees you of your fear, then you can really dig deep and learn true communication as much as you want.

You can choose to just get a couple dates per week and meet up with them for an interesting social life.

Or you can choose to go big and go to badass parties, and rub shoulders with badass people.

What would a massive pool of dating options mean for you, personally?

Think about it for a second.

Would it mean that you could build a group of successful people to have a crazy summer season?

Maybe your buddies could stop being loners because they get caught up in your success?

What would it mean for you, personally?

Would you be able to fill out your weekends with great people?

Vacation epicly with people you love spending time with?

Travel more?

Really, deep down inside, what would it mean for you to have options this year that actually make you feel fulfilled and connected??

So what about YOU?

What would it mean for YOU?

Would it "open a gateway for you to date whoever you want"?

Would your life go from "Finding things to do on the weekend to turning down dates"?

Would it reduce stress in your life?

Would it make life easier?

Would it allow you to savor the time you spent with people?

How would YOUR life change with more dating options?

Here's the thing with my help you CAN get there, you can get the experiences you deserve.

You can.

You just have to take the next step.

Get started with me.

Get on the phone with me for your first coaching session.

You will have a breakthrough by the end of the first session.

If you don't I'll give you your money back, period.

Then we will meet for 51 more hours through the course of the year.

Teaching you, pushing you, directing you, molding you, giving you the exact answers you need to build a thriving information business.

By the way, it won't be easy. If you want easy, go buy another $100 training program, or watch another youtube video. Easy doesn't work.

It will be hard work.

If you still have hair, you will pull some of it out.

You will get so frustrated you can see straight.

Then you will get on the phone with me and I will tell you exactly what to do next.

And you will do it.

And you will have another breakthrough.

So what is all this training worth?

Let me ask you this -

What SHOULD I sell it for?

You see, the tactics, strategies, and knowledge is in my head.

Some people would be thrilled to get a few more romantic and sexual experiences.

I'm what they call "not-typical"

I've had results that are "not typical"

And the average person just doesn't get results like this.

And I don't know how hard you will work, nor the results you will get.

But let me ask you this, would it be worth a few hundred a month to gain complete dating freedom and change your life completely?

How would your life change?

Would you feel like you have really accomplished something, like you have done something you could be proud of for yourself?

Over and above all the money, would it be personally satisfying to achieve success, to be able to say you "did it"?

Look, this is real.

You can do it.

And you need my help to take you every step of the way.

I'm going to work with you personally.

I'm going to personally guarantee your business.

Get started with me today, if in 30 days, you haven't had the most amazing experience ever, and are not absolutely blown away by my training, get your money back.

That's right - get started with me today - and not only will I give you your money back if you aren't blown away in the first 30 days - instead of one big upfront payment, this is easy monthly payments - so you can cancel at any time. The only thing I ask is that if you don't like the program at any point - let me know that month, I'll give your money back, but if you stay in the program and take the lessons, it's not fair to everyone else to give your money back for months and months prior, is that fair?

So there's no risk. At any point, you can cancel and get your last month's payment back.

You have nothing to lose.

Now, here's the way this is going to work:

It's not going to be $8,000

Or $6,000 like similar training online

Or $4,000 . . .

Instead . . . you can get started for just:

$1797 a month


with no obligation . . . you can literally stop anytime you want:

Your Payment Link Here

You will get to work with me personally for one full year.

You will receive one new training each week for as long as you remain enrolled (over 50 hours of training each year, delivered weekly)

PLUS - you will get 10 hours of get-started-fast training immediately when you sign up.

AND - you get to talk with me personally for up to 52 hours over the course of the next year.

The full value of all of this, if I were to sell it all separately, is well over $100,000.

AND - it's fully guaranteed, fully refundable if you don't get results when you do what I teach.

Now - I have to say this: if you don't do the work, you won't get dates and date new amazing people. I am going to give you very specific daily instructions, exactly what to do each day to help you achieve your goals. And of course, as you are actually taking action, you will be making new dating experiences along the way.

How would it feel to work personally with me like this?


How about you?

How would it feel to work with me?

Would it feel good to have someone to get on the phone with when you are stuck on something instead of trying to figure it out on your own?

How would it feel to have someone take a look at your approaches, your dates, your stories and say, change this, change that, so you get it right the first time, so you can makes progress fast instead of having to go back to the drawing board every time?

How much time would you be able to save by getting it right the first time instead of guessing and trial and error?

How much faster could you achieve your goals by working with someone who's been there done that for 15 years running - and easily on track - ALREADY - to doing it a 16th year? (instead of guessing??)

So what about you?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to change your life now - forever (at least on this earth!!)

Excellent - go ahead, sign up now, you will get your first training immediately when you sign up, then we will talk within the next 7 days and begin personalizing the work we do together.


Now here's the thing: with an offer like this, I can't work with just anyone.

In fact, I don't want to work with everyone.

So I reserve the right to take this offer down at any time.

And once I get as many clients as I can handle, I will close this offer or raise the price.

If you miss out, you miss out.

Frankly, I believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

This is your year.

This is the year to free yourself from the ups and downs of the financial system.

This is the year to change your life and free your family.

Let's get started today:

Get started today for just:

$1797 a month

Your choice.

Perhaps you are wondering, well how are we going to work together?

So I'll share that here.

But before I do, let me say this: Don't buy this because of a bunch of bullet points of all the things you are going to learn. Because I don't want you enrolling with me because you want to learn some thing on a list of bullet points.

That's probably how you've been buying training for years now, and you keep learning bullet points, but you aren't getting any more dates.

I don't want you buying bullet points.

You are buying coaching.

Working with me. Personally

Frankly, I don't know exactly what I am going to teach YOU.

Because this is personal.

This is going to be about getting YOU to achieve YOUR goals.

And the process will vary based on what you know how to do already, how easy it is for you to do each step, and so on.

So I am going to be coaching you personally on each step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Not on a bunch of bullet points.

Now, how am I going to work with you?

1) We are going to meet for over 50 hours in the next year in a very small group atmosphere with about 5 other people who are also going to be building their dating lives. Not only will I be working with you personally during that time, you will also get to mastermind and network with others in the coaching. ($50,000 value)

2) PLUS - you will get 10 hours of get-started-fast training immediately when you sign up.

3) You will get to work with me personally for one full year. (priceless)

4) You will receive one new training each week (over 50 hours of training in the first year, delivered weekly)

5) AND - you get to talk with me personally for up to 50 hours over the course of the next year.

6) The full value of all of this, if I were to sell it all separately, is well over $100,000.

OR - if you take action today, you can get in for just $1797 a month.

Get started now for just $1797 a month for personal coaching:

Choose a pricing plan

Monthly Payments

per month for 12 months
Pay As You Go

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Save almost $1500

Want to talk about it? Book a Call With Me.